Memphis Adds Depth With Barnes/Wright

Up against the cap and needing to re-sign star center Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies options this offseason were limited. The team was able to add some much needed depth, however, with the additions of Brandan Wright and Matt Barnes. Memphis used its mid-level exception signing Brandan Wright to a 3 year $17 million deal. The Grizzlies also were able to add Matt Barnes in a trade with the Charlotte Hornets.

While adding Barnes and Wright may not be the biggest splashes of free agency, the additions solidify a Memphis team that made the second round of a tough Western Conference last year. They’ll need Mike Conley to stay healthy and Zach Randolph to continue his production despite turning 34 next week, but the Grizzlies have a chance to be a player in the west. Unfortunately, the teams above them aren’t getting any weaker and the Warriors, Spurs, and Clippers may be too talented for a team that struggles to score on the offensive end.

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