Grading Sixers/Kings Trade

The Trade

Sixers acquire: SG Nik Stauskas, PF Jason Thompson, PF Carl Landry, future 1st round pick, rights to swap 1st round picks with Kings in 2016 and 2017.

Kings acquire: C Arturas Gudatis, SF Luka Mitrovic

The Kings

This was obviously a desperate attempt for the Kings to try to dump salary in order to sign free agents. Sacramento wants to make the playoffs badly and dumping the contracts of Thompson and Landry on the Sixers was the only way they could go after Wesley Matthews, Monta Ellis, and Rajon Rondo. In the end, the Kings were able to secure Rondo, Marco Belinelli, and Kosta Koufas in free agency with the money they freed up. These signing, however, do not justify the amount they gave up to the Sixers for taking on relatively small contracts. Stauskas was a top-10 pick just a year ago who the Kings were very high on when they drafted him. Also, despite a great hire in George Karl last Spring, the team has no chance of making the playoffs in a loaded Western Conference. This means the team will be in the lottery the next two seasons, and if the Kings are lucky enough to land in the top 3 or even win the lottery, their pick will be swapped with wherever the Sixers land. While the desperate move to free up salary cap space makes sense for a team desperate to win, the Kings gave up way too much for the Sixers to take on $18 million over two years worth of contracts.

Grade: D-

The Sixers

This trade was an absolute no brainer, slam dunk for the Sixers. Even if Stauskas doesn’t make another shot in his NBA career, Philadelphia still got a huge pull. With Stauskas in the mix, however, for a team that needed shooting badly to surround its talented young front-court, Sam Hinkie must have been amazed at his return in this trade. The only downside is taking on $12 million this year and $6 million in the 2015-2016 season. This money for the Sixers isn’t bad at all seeing that they took on JaVale McGee’s salary last season ($24 million over 2 years) for just a first round pick that belonged to OKC. Sixers fans also no longer have to worry about the team losing to get a better draft pick since they can always swap with Sacramento the next two seasons if they overachieve. Also, don’t sleep on a guy like Nik Stauskas. Given the right opportunity, he has all the skills to be a solid player in the NBA. He can shoot and create for others off the dribble. He has decent athleticism, but needs to become a better finisher at the rim.

Grade: A+

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